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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cancer victim cannot have a baby, and adopts a cat

Rescue cat's got me feline fine

Whatever the reason for me sensing it, the truth of the matter is I just won’t be having a baby in this lifetime

From a very young age I had an inkling that motherhood wasn’t going to be for me.
Of course, whenever I voiced this with family members I was instantly told ‘wait until you’re older, you’ll feel differently then’ or the old classic, ‘it’s different when they’re your own!’.
When my oncologist broke the news that I might not live another 10 years to see a baby grow up, he also advised me against saving some of my eggs before undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy that more than likely would make me infertile anyway.
But in a sense, I was lucky, as none of my friends were starting to pop out children and I was nowhere near that mind-set anyway, not to mention the fact I didn’t even have a boyfriend!
And even now, three years on, I don’t feel the odd one out yet either.
My friend Gemma had twins at the beginning of the year and named her first born after me.
That was the most wonderful thing anyone has ever done in my honour.
Kris and Eli are two very special babies and for me, to see how happy Gemma and her husband Tom are to have them, is enough.
My biggest hope thereafter is to see my sisters have babies as being an auntie would rock my socks off.
Perhaps I just like the idea of not having to deal with the nitty-gritty of parenthood.
Or maybe it has something to do with a TV show I watched when I was a teenager about orphanages in China.
It left a very lasting impression on me and ever since then I believed there were enough children in this world that needed my love so much, that popping out a brand new one seemed almost silly.
I knew, and still know, that I have a big load of love to give to another living creature, so my boyfriend Rich and I have found an alternative – a cat!
I may not make it to a baby orphanage in China, but I very much can make it to a cat rescue centre in North London!
I grew up with cats and totally adore them. It was sad to see so many that had been abandoned or were no longer wanted for reasons such as they were carrying a disease.
But we found one, and this week we will become proud parents of a tom cat called Wilhelm (he’s clearly half-German, just like me!).
But whatever the reason for me sensing I wasn’t going to be a mother to a real human being, the truth of the matter is I just won’t be having a baby in this lifetime.
Reproduction obviously wasn’t my purpose, but of course talking about boobies very much is.
PS. In case you were wondering, the radiotherapy I had to have to my head last week, wearing that awful face mask, was a walk in the park.
Sure, I felt a little tired afterwards, but generally I was OK.
I now need to be scanned regularly to make sure I don’t have any more sneaky tumours growing in my body.


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