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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This kitty is friends with everybody

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Amber Craig said...

Please I am very concerned about my little 7 month old baby. I just had both of my kitties spayed on Thursday and brought them home yesterday. The clinic told me that within 24 hrs they should act fine. My older cat Kia pulled thru like a trooper but the younger one is still pretty lathargic. She's not eating very well and no water yet. I gotta dropper that i'll use to give her some water later if she's not taken any yet. I just want to know if some cats like my older one heal real fast while others take longer (like a few days) to get better? Has anyone else that you know have had 2 cats spayed at the same time and one heals quickly while the other doesn't? It would ease my mind if someone else has gone thru this and could tell me what to expect. if she's not better by Mon I will take her back to the clinic.

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