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Friday, February 22, 2013

Kitten Massage Therapy- Adorable

Cat feels better! Adorable video of kitten giving his feline friend the purrfect massage

Kneading those tiny paws in and out of a feline friend's backside, this adorable video captures a cat giving another cat a message.

Stretching out, the white and black cat flicks his tail with pleasure as his friend gets to work on his lower back, pushing every little claw into his thick coat.

The striped black and brown masseuse takes a few moments to turn and look at his friend's reaction to his efforts, before lazily sliding its paws toward his belly.

Pawwwwfect! An adorable video of a cat giving another cat a massage, kneading both tiny paws deep into his white coat, is making its rounds online to the delight of cat fans

As if to say 'no' to the changed direction, with a bat of his paw the white cat turns away, catching his surprised volunteer therapist off guard.
Lying back down, the striped kitten gets back to work even when a far off distraction pulls the white cat's attention away.

Just like humans, such kinds of kneading are good for the cat's muscles and joints according to cat experts.
It's also believed to strengthen bonds of love and trust between them.



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