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Monday, February 18, 2013

Update on the Cat In The Pictures Post

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Today we are giving feedback on the first correspondence we had from NOAH, the Cat rescue organisation from Hungary who has done miraculous work in saving so many cats after the Hungarian toxic chemical spill known as 'The Red Mud Disaster'. 

- Pictures at the bottom of post -


 Just to bring you up to speed quickly on the background of the story; On October 4, 2010 Hungary suffered it's worst ever chemical spill when an aluminium leak started at an aluminum plant in Ajka, a town 100 miles (160 km) southwest of Budapest. The tragedy is officially known as the Red Mud Disaster


An Animal Welfare Organisation known as NOAH Animal Home Foundation jumped in to save the stranded and affected animals over a period of 7 days, the mud was ankle deep. The above was the closest to the facts we had at the time (and still have)

On 14 February we traced the official page of Noah and by asking a friend of ours in Poland (born in Hungary) to translate the page for us we were able to descramble some of the information. Google Translate is totally inadequate for Hungarian and the sentences made absolutely no sense. So with much trouble we eventually digged up an email address which we kept our thumbs tight would work, and emailed them.
During the night of the 15th of Feb, we received this email from Zita.

I post the email in its entirety without any editing or modifications to retain the authenticity:

Dear Pudicat!!!

I can't find words to describe how much your letter will mean to the Noé Cat Rescue Team!!!
Thank you so much, I am really-really touched! And please excuse me for not answering immediately - we all work as volunteers. I am doing the translation of cat-descriptions on the website and also do the correspondence in English and German, because just a very few of us speak English, but I have two '"regular jobs", so I don't always manage to answer within 24 hours...

Now to your questions: I was not team-member at the time when the disaster happened, but I joined shortly afterwards and took care of a very old and very sweet cat till she got adopted. So I have to ask you for a little patience to gather the data you have requested on how many cats were rescued... if I know correctly, all of them have found new families in the meanwhile... and, of course, I would have to gather data on those who were there to help, the team today is somewhat larger. And due to our privacy policy I will have to gather "green lights" from all those involved (helpers, adopting families) to publish their names and gather photos... about the photo you have attached: I don't have any details either, actually I am really not sure that it was taken at Devecser, but I will do my best to gather information on the kitty too!

Donations would really mean very-very much to us! As mentioned, we all work as volunteers and we have no state subsidy, so we depend completely on donations to cover the expenses of medical treatment, food, litter... my question is whether you would like me to collect the data from which you can write an article or should I try to write it and than you'll have a lot of work correcting it :-)

I write a lot of articles, but about music :-) Slightly different... maybe you can have interviews with the rescuers as well and I'll translate for you! Anyway, I am really-really grateful for your letter, I will translate it immediately and let those in charge know about your questions (they do not speak English, this is why I am not forwarding your letter directly to them) and will get back to you as soon as possible with the answers!

Grateful greetings on behalf of the Noé Cat Rescue Team,



I replied back to Zita that we would like for her to write us the article since it would be much more realistic and genuine rather than coming from me. Therefor, we are now awaiting her reply and as soon as we get it, we will immediately update you again.

Follow up soon.

We have been wanting to include pictures of the actual rescue underway by NOAH here for you, but unfortunately the servers to Hungary is down and we cannot get any Hungarian page at the moment. As soon as we do we will send you a follow-up with pictures. We were able to salvage some pictures of the disaster however.

Map showing where the spill occured and to where it spread out to.

One of the NOAH Volunteers with a kitty she just rescued out of the toxic sludge.

Devastation all around

Close-up of bewildered little mucnkin

Toxic waste knee-deep

Struggling to move through town

Red Mud


Anonymous said...

I pray for all

christian liggett said...

i would be willing to adopt one of the kitties over here in the u.s.a........

Anonymous said...

Can we set up some way we can donate some money to help them? I mean, if they are going to satisfy our curiosity and need-to-know at least we can help, right?

Cindy M in Abilene, TX

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