A 17-year-old cat was resuscitated by firefighters this week after a fire blazed through her home.
According to People magazine, Tiki Bear the cat was carried out by firefighters from the burning house in Portsmouth, N.H., on Tuesday to the "cheers of onlookers."
Oxygen was administered to the mature moggy, and she soon began breathing again.
Unfortunately, the historic house which Tiki Bear had called home wasn't quite so lucky. The buiding, which dates back to 1742, suffered severe fire and structural damage.
Homeowner Dave Adams told WMUR that he has been renovating the house for the past 25 years.
Still, he and his wife -- who were at work when neighbors spotted the fire -- say they are grateful that Tiki Bear survived the devastating blaze.
The cat, however, is not out of the woods just yet.
On Wednesday, Seacoast Online wrote that Tiki Bear is still at a veterinary hospital, where she is "receiving oxygen." Adams' daughter Lexi said the family cat is “not very alert," and it's unclear if she'll “pull through.”
But the family is not alone in their concern for their beloved cat. Doctors at the Veterinary Emergency, Critical Care & Referral Center of New Hampshire have also been effusive with their support and encouragement.
"Thank you so much for your effort. I am very pleased to tell you that at this point, Tiki Bear is improving, and just ate her first bites of food. Take care, and we’re all really pulling for her," said VECC vet Dr. Gregory

Tiki Bear celebrated her birthday in grand style this weekend, proudly wearing a very fancy bespoke birthday hat. From various reports of the event, I have gleaned that Dad thought Tiki's look was very "traditional Ming dynasty," whereas Mom likened it to a "double-coned Medieval style." Mom also insists that she was not already 17, but rather turned 17 this weekend. 

No matter, for Tiki bear is a very blessed and contented cat, enjoying her tuna and catnip treats and being treated like the historic royalty that she is.

Tiki Bear on her birthday

Firefighter carrying Tiki Bear after rescue

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