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Friday, March 1, 2013

Soldier Brings Rescue Afghan Stray Cat Home

Soldier Brings Rescue Afghan Stray Cat Home

Hello My name is SSG Tim Ott, and this little gal in the crux of my arm is PIA. I’ve been deployed, again to a world that makes me realize how lucky I am to be serving my country and helping others – those times are hard when I am separated from my lovely wife and two wonderful children.
However, I believe that there is always a plan in this world, and God saw fit to bring PIA into my life.
One day I hear this faint meow on our compound, and see this l’l scrawny kitten looking up at my big 6’2 frame, I guess hunger out won the fear of something bigger looming over her…and that is when my heart strings were tugged at. I picked her up, and she started purring, melted my heart that something so innocent, scared and small, could show love in the hardest places to survive.
PIA has become a constant companion to me, I ensure she was fed, rounded up funds to get her fixed and her shots…and she reminds me how wonderful I do have a home back in the US, and the love and support my family has provided me through these rough times.
I have had some down days, missing them, and as I sit outside thinking of home, this little cat with the biggest heart knows when to cuddle up in my arms, as I think of my family and the warmth and laughter in my home. I know, without a doubt, my morale has been picked up by PIA’s love and loyalty to a big guy in a place far away from his loved ones….I would think the only right thing to do is bring her back to my family, especially my daughter who has been asking about her since the day I shared her story with them.
…she deserves to be given a chance to live a life without fear or hunger, and with unconditional love.

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